British Sign Language Interpreters

As a company, we know the importance of using the correct people for the correct Job. All of our British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters are trained and validated with the Department for Education and registered with the appropriate governing body, this ensures that when you require a BSL interpreter you can be confident that they are professional and are working to a very strict code of conduct.

You can be confident that any information that you give to the Interpreter is in confidence and governed by Interpreting Solutions confidentiality agreement.

Quality Guaranteed

We are fully accredited by the Department for Education, meaning we have undergone an audit of our service and passed.

The quality assurance framework (QAF) means we are able to provide support to students, who require funded support from the Disabled Student's Allowance through Student Finance England.

Additionally, we hold an internationally recognised ISO certification of quality, which is the industry standard for companies delivering recognised core services.

Specialist Support Professional for Students with Sensory Impairments

Our Specialist Support Professionals' have a very in-depth role in the support of D/deaf clients. They support clients through language modification, explanation and revision of information. They ensure the clients have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and achieve within their written English activities. All of our tutors are fully qualified and audited to meet the criteria from the DfE Quality Assurance Framework.

Communication Support Workers

We utilise Communication Support Workers (CSWs) within colleges, universities and schools. Their role is to support deaf students to access the teaching being delivered, allowing them to participate fully in their peer group environment. This is achieved through conveying the spoken information from the tutors using BSL and reinforcing the teaching as well as modifying English to BSL and vice versa, enabling the student to progress within their studies.

CSWs offer students a different option when planning their support. They are able to spend more time differentiating the teaching being delivered which enables the learner to have a greater understanding of the terminology and the requirements of their course or lesson.

Specialist Note-takers for Deaf and Visually Impaired Students

Our Specialist Notetakers produce a summary of what is said using an ordinary laptop or notepad which is intended for anyone who is unable to take notes for themselves in a business or educational setting. This may be due to the fact they have to give their attention to a communication professional who is relaying information or as a result of mobility impairment. At the end of the session, the Specialist Notetaker will provide a copy of the notes by email, hard copy or via a memory stick.

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